Sales Target

Let every know the milestone they need to achive.

Company Target

Set company target and track your progress to achive the goals.

Team Targets

Assign the teams there targets and let manager help them achive targets.

User Targets

Assign targets to individual user to track their performance and deals.

Team Management

Get all the information about your team.

Track your team

Manage your team, you will get all the information about your team. You can add new user in your team assign him a user role

Organization structure

Assign each user a manager and create different teams as per Organization structure.

Purchaser Management

Let your backend team know what is next.

Backend Team

Purchase team can manage won deals without any delays from sales team.

Track and deliver

Track every won deal and communicate with customer with all the info.

Search to know

Search deal info to get the details to reduce communication with team.

Leave Management

Get all the information about your teams leaves.

Track leaves

Know who will be on leave and make the plans accordingly to close the deals.

Manage Leaves

HR or Manager can manage the leaves with approval or cancalation of leave.

Customise Leave

Set and manage the leave rules so not everyone can take leave on same day.

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