Why Saleslive

From managing your organizational sales transactions, sealing more deals quicker, till enabling quick decision making, Saleslive is especially created for the Sales team. Saleslive features include contacts management, leads management, sales forecasting, reports & dashboards, sales performance management among others.
Connect Your Business Silo

Saleslive helps organizations to effectively streamline their entire sales operations. Saleslive reporting helps employees focus on what’s presently important: stabilizing your business, creating new opportunities, and delivering exceptional customer experiences

Unfair Advantage for Your Sales Team

There are hundreds of CRMs in the industry, and there is a reason to that. There is no CRM that is universally perfect for all businesses. The classic use for a CRM would be in Sales, the reason for this is because a salesperson with a CRM will have a competitive advantage against a salesperson who doesn’t.

Make Improvements to Your Bottom Line

Saleslive helps companies of all sizes drive business growth and it can be especially beneficial to a small to mid-sized businesses, where teams often need to find ways to do more with less.

Prepare for the Future Growth.

Automation, optimization, customer engagement and recurring sales are playing a tremendous role in the success of future business. Almost every business can benefit from a CRM software, and it is much better to start using it for your business before it becomes necessary.

Helps Automate Everyday Tasks

Saleslive helps you to effectively automate repetitive tasks. This reduces workload, boosts efficiency and minimize the risk of errors. Some of the everyday tasks that can be automated are funnel tracking, deal prioritization, scheduling appointments etc.

Makes Tracking Customer Data Easier

Since all the organization’s data is stored in a single centralized unit, it makes tracking a customer’s life cycle easy. This data can then be used for personalization, which will help improve customer satisfaction. Furthermore, it can also help you re-engage with your inactive subscribers, increasing customer retention with the re-ordering client portal.

Improves Internal Collaboration & Communication

When customer data is easily available, it helps boosts internal collaboration and communication between the teams. As all information is readily available, it leads to quicker response time. One can also easily identify opportunities, discuss leads, follow sales activities in real-time and track timelines. All this helps boost productivity, leading to growth in revenue.

Enhances Customer Service

The direct result of all the above – automation, easy tracking of customer data and improve internal collaboration – leads to enhanced customer service through the delivery management. With Saleslive, your employees can find quick resolutions to any customer query/problem. This, in turn, helps increase brand loyalty.

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