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What is SalesLive?

SalesLive is a Sales Management Application specifically designed for Small and Medium Sized businesses and makes it very easy for sales to interact with the software that generates proven results like double sales productivity.

SalesLive is a simplified tool that is designed according to the needs of SMEs, and with this will help Start Ups begin their business on the right track, and for traditional SMEs to transform their business.

Top Features

Do more with SalesLive

Meet SalesLive. The simple, intuitive and powerful app to manage your work. Explore app of the next generation for free and become a part of community of like-minded members.

Plan your goals

Saleslive will help you to set your organisational goals, sales goals so you can track and analyse every step taking necessary actions to achieve it before it is too late.

Smoothly manage deals

User friendly pipeline design will help you understanding every stage of the deal so you can focus on those important deals to analyse and move those forward to win.

Track everything

Saleslive will track every deal, appointment, conversations, and quotations till the delivery. Dashboard will help you in tracking everything happening in your company.

Work organized

With well organised sales process, you can finalize each deal with confidence, reducing your handwork so you can work smartly and focus on more important things

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