About SalesLive

SalesLive is a Sales Management Application specifically designed for Small and Medium Sized businesses and makes it very easy for sales to interact with the software that generates proven results like double sales productivity. SalesLive is a simplified tools that is designed according to the needs of SMEs, and with this will help Start Ups begin their business on the right track, and for traditional SMEs to transform their business.
Due to its user-friendly automated design, the transition to SalesLive is smooth and does not cause much resistance. It also helps the sales team to improve the sales operation flow to be more efficient, for example to generate quotations within 1 minute!

What is SalesLive?

SalesLive provides an overall clarity and visibility of the sales activities and their progress. This will give the business owner a clear picture of what is going on and provide very crucial information that can help in making the right decision. Its Geo tracking integration also assists the business owner to manage the sales team effectively and for the sales person, they can easily keep track of their travel pattern and utilise the automated feature for mileage claims. From the manager/ business owner’s perspective, they will always know where their team is, and which client is being serviced. For the sales team, they will be able to keep track of when was their last visit, and if it’s time to pay the customer another visit. In summary, it enhances the efficiency of the sales team.

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